Never Give Up

From time to time we all can't see clear ,

But it was the powerful words that made me hear.

Then I began to realize the words that spoke so clear,

like I believe in you and yes I am proud of you.

Getting taught that success was near made the rain disappear, 

was it failure and disappointment that I couldnt stand to hear

or was it my mind trying to feed into lies that were being told.

No longer overtaken by the things that I fear.

Finding the strength to persevere , gave me hope that great things were near.

Believeing in those that seemed right, Made me loose sight ,

Never knowing that the best was aldready in me .

Being taught how to be great was something that was instillied in me ,

And unlocking the keys was destined for me .

See now I know I am on my way to victory, 

And the steps that I have lead me said yes you have made it to your destiny .


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