Never Forgotten My Friend


Enter this world knowing your loved

leave this world knowing the same.

Know that you are not forgotten but, you are remembered.

When you came in this world, it was a joyful moment.

When you left this world,

nothing but rivers and broken bridges formed upon us.

That one that had told you once hello, now says goodbye, but no,

not a goodbye just another word for see you later.

We cherish the life that once was by our sides,

those memories that are nothing but faded. Never shall we forget your perfect,

undying love and affection.

Please do not even begin to conclude,

that we don’t love you with all of our hearts.

Even if some don’t know you,

you left a sad trail of touch and compassion.

You lit up the world like the sunshine in the morning,

warming and welcoming.

Now you leave our world and lives like dusk, slowly, and leaving us cold.

Your laugh, smile, touch, voice, every physical and wonderful feature inside of your golden heart,

shall be remember by everyone.

We shall never forget you,

or your beautiful soul.


Love one of your many,


Never Forgotten My Friend



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