Never Fear, Cheer

One, three, five, seven.

Tuck, flip, twisting full.

Jump, split, go girl, pull.

Stunt, build, flying high.

Dance, groove, moving by.

One, three, five, seven.

Shout, cheer, wearing pink.

Flux, flow, always sync.

Bows, smiles, facials show.

Fierce, bold, defeat foe.

One, three, five, seven.

Cheer heaven.


Crash, boom, fall blunder.

Fail, flop, dismount doom.

Screams, sounds, rising gloom.

Blood, sweat, pouring down.

Bang, clash, sounding drown.

Crash, boom, fall blunder.

Tears, pain, fearful fret.

Hurt, loss, unknown yet.

Squint, peek, glaring light.

Help, aid, now in sight.

Shouts, calls, listless life.

Shock, sprain, spurting strife.

Crash, boom, fall blunder.

Angst, wonder.


Here, now, fear be done.

Fight, bold, never quit.

Try, strive, tackle it.

Seek, work, struggle through.

No halt, only do.

Here, now, fear be done.

Walk, run, wanting more.

Push, reach, strengthen core.

Risk, dare, taking chance,

Brave, tough, craving dance.

Choose, choice, wanting some.

Cheer, stunt, here I come.

Bright, smart, nothing foul.

Hope, dream, fearless now.

Here, now, fear be done.

Fear be done......

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