Never Ever

The one thing I could never live without is my music, music is extremely important to me because it is the one thing that I can always count on besides my family. Ever since I could remember I was always listening to music and interested in hearing new artists and sounds, when I was 12 years old I bought my first album, Eminem's "Encore" album, It was also the first album I ever remembered from front to back and would scream out the lyrics to the top of my lungs. Throughout out the years I started to listen to and discover newer artists as well as older artists until I found a person by the name of Kanye West. Ever since I heard Kanye's 808's & Heartbreak album it changed me as a person and a music listener forever. Around the time 808's & Heartbreak came out I was going through a really tough time with school as well as my at home life while on the album he was going through some of the same stuff but on a larger scale. Through that album I feel like we have a connection, a bond of struggle that can never be broken even though he might not know I exist. That's why I could never live without music.  

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