Never-ending Hell


Reality is plagued with cruelty which we try to escape in every way.
Constantly seeking a new exit from the present distaste,
We find hideous pleasures in the most unrecognizable treasures.
In our hands, a bottle of whiskey, a blade, a blunt,
The only sources that allow us to escape this treacherous world we call home.
Our bodies take damage from this attempt of escape and slowly we exit,
Slowly, with every sip, slice, and inhale, Our body is pushed deeper in hell.

And we cry out to others with our solemn smiles and hidden fears
In hopes that a spear or a word of help would come to us.
We hope. We hope for help but no help comes so we lay in this hell
With more inhales and we choke on this godforsaken smoke that fills our dying lungs.
We gasp for air, pure air to breathe but it seems it has disappeared on us.
Oh how we long for that past age where it was fine to be alone,
Now we’re here scared and bathing in fear, and slowly we drift from this joined continent.
Alienated from our consciousness.

These substance we get filled with overcome our sane mind,
And we slowly melt and drip and die like a miserable coward.
We can’t swallow life, this cruel strife, we can’t face this cruel reality we call life.
We can’t do it alone so we rely on these sickening poisons that never leave us
till the day we die, these substances will be forever here, filling our eyes with lies.

So we sit in shame, waking up with regrets from the night before
Heads are pounding and the stranger next to you is snoring.
We wake and are ashamed of the monsters we became
We lay there in our filth and grime with no clue what to do.
So thus begins the cycle again that never seems to end,
Where we drink, cut, and inhale to forget about the never-ending hell.


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