A Never Ending Cycle


United States
38° 48' 26.6868" N, 121° 9' 34.5024" W

It's hot outside,
Go turn on your A.C.,
It's cold outside,
Go burn down a tree,
Now it's even hotter outside,
Turn the A.C. up even more,
It's a never ending cycle,
It's a never ending war.

It's hot inside,
Go crack a window,
It's cold inside,
Go warm up with some cocoa,
I'm sick of people complaining about the weather,
Then they try to change it and things aren't getting any better,
It's becoming a viscous cycle you know weather can't be coerced,
Stop messing with your thermostat before you make things worse.



I wanted to right something that showed the correlation between comfort and that which is making us uncomfortable. I don't believe most people make this connection. I hope you enjoy it.

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