Never could I have imagined,

Never could I have imagined,
the love and contentment.

As I hold my hope in my arms,
As I look into the eyes made for my hope itself.
Her skin is soft, her hair is wispy and her eyes look for me.

She knows who I am,
She knows what I am.
She can feel my love.

The air is thick as I stare at her.
She is mesmerizing.
She is mine.

How can I explain?
It's like staring directly into the sun,
uncaring if I go blind.
Like I could carry the world for her to smile.
How can I explain in one word the feeling of this love,
so different than any love I've ever known.

All that's left to do is to name my hope,
my redemption.
I know her name as if it was mine.

All that's left is to name what's mine.
My star, the love of my life,
My Ember.

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