Never Alone

Tue, 02/04/2020 - 10:07 -- Gbk828

Strolling, walking, ambling

So many ways to just say walking

People go through life, focused on themselves

Not noticing those few who sit and watch


I am one of those few, who watch the others

Who notice what people do when they think no one can see

People fill the roads and bustle about

While other sit and watch in amusement


They smile at their phones, all different types of smiles

Some sharing a secret or remembering a memory

Others learning something new for the first time

Some frown or have the pretend annoyed face


They realize things in the middle of the road

They’ll turn around and sigh in frustration

Or they’ll look confusedly at the street signs

Sometimes having an eureka moment


They do things absentmindedly

Twirling hair as they read, twisting a ring as they write

Scrunching their nose as thing turn out badly

Mouthing words or talking under their breath as they think


Most people just go through motions of life

Others watch and listen, learn about true human nature

It’s inspiring to see what people do 

When they think that no one can see them


This poem is about: 
Our world


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