The Net: Neural Network

Sat, 01/16/2016 - 01:36 -- hyizin

Mama, Mama!

The Net, The Net!

It's So Beautiful!

The net?

Yes, The Net!

The internet?

No... The Net!

The fishing net?

Jumpy Little Fishes,

Yes They Are!

Zoom Zoom Zoom!

Off They Go!

So you want to catch some fishies?

Sweet dear,

That there, hanging on the wall,

is Papa's favorite decor.

Don't touch it.

Here, take my phone.

Look at all the colorful fishies on the screen.

Now run along and don't bother me.

Oh my, it's already seven.

I have to start making dinner.

Papa, Papa!

These Fishies Don't Look

Like The Fishies In My Head!

Excuse me for a second Mr. A.

The fishies in your head?


Mine Are Colorless


They Swim So Fast,

That I Can't Catch Them!

Can You Help Me?

I'm on the phone, child.

Here's some paper,

why don't you draw me your fishies?

Find me when you're done.

Sorry about that Mr. A.

Continue what you were saying.

Oh No!

They're Gone...

My Net Can't Catch Them...


The nonsense you don't have time to hear is the nonsense I can't live without.

I think nonsense, I speak nonsense and I dream nonsense for I am no clockwork.


(The Net: Neural Network)


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