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I got this.
Two steps off the yard line
eight behind the hash.
I can do this
do not look at the crowd
do NOT look at them.
Look at Density
it is just you and the other band kids like it is at practice.
Listen to the drum line
you know their parts
you have listened to their parts every day of school during second block.
Take a deep breath just relax.
*Count down in 3…*
Okay it is time to do this
you have been doing this since band camp.
Your last band camp for high school
the last Sparkman band camp you will be at.
This is yet another last game for you so make it like it is your last.
The drum majors should be doing their salute right about now.
*1… (Random sound effects)*
Density should be running back field now.
Okay one, three, one, two, up, up, up, and step.
Backwards eight to fives at a thirty degree angle
I hope Sierra is lining up with me.
It will be a good show.
Brass behind me
trombones and tubas do not blast.
We need a pure clean sound not a harsh sound.
Do not stick out trombones,
come on calm down you have ten minutes to play do not use your chops now.
Okay now for the tempo change.
Rest, two, three, and step.
Movement one will be done in thirty seconds a minute at tops.
Movement two here we come
turn and step.
*Haley’s solos starts*
Please Sierra and Rachel make this curve good
make this a great curve just like practice.
The past three runs Thursday was great
Holly is not marching yall can do it.
I believe in you.
Turn, Turn, Turn, Turn.
Listen, tune to the others
do not stick out blend.
This cord can be perfect.
Double time before the dubstep
we got this.
We did amazing
*Dubstep starts with sound effects*
Turn to the right all the way around in eight counts.
Then rest for four count then right, left, arms down then up.
Rest, horns up to carrying position
hold two three four five…
*Robot Drum*
Move for sixteen counts
come on hit this line
come on hit this line freshmen stay behind Christina.
She is a senior she knows where she is going
just follow her.
Okay this is our time to shine
the crowd will go wild in 10…9…
*Dance for me robot*
This is it time to act like a robot,
Do something corny something that nobody else will do,
this looks amazing.
No two people will have the same thing out here.
*Sound of a robot powering down then back up*
Let’s make Mr. G proud.
1 and 2 and 3 and up, left, right, left, look at your hands, left.
Down, peek out, wave to the crowd or grandma as Mr. G would say.
Then turn to the right
pick up your instrument.
We are ending at 4.5 tonight.
That is before the dubstep reprise
a four count turn to the left off the field, eight to fives, keep the form.
We have this.
We did it
it is finally over with.
I am just so glad we did not rip.
Now time to watch the next band to play that fight song once again for the football team.


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