Nerd and Proud


Behind the Curtain sits a man

Surrounded by dice and by books,

By running shoes and painted miniatures,

And no, he’s not alone.

There’s friends and family too,

 I’m a nerd, a geek,

A weirdo and a freak

But I like it, just that way.

Now, the curtain is not a barrier

The curtain does not hide me

The curtain is the real illusion,

For the real curtain is within myself.


Hiding in my own skin,

The easy going and unflappable persona

I present to the world

Is quivering in my boots

Too paralyzed to talk until it is too late.

My fears and doubts and hidden shames,

Shackles formed from my mind,

The hidden me that shouldn’t be

The arrogance and pride I try to hide

Because I don’t want to see.


And so I try to tear the curtain down,

And with it take the shame and faults away

Yet within they linger still

So here I am

Nerd and proud

That’s all I’ll let you see.


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