nephesh(aspects of life hebrew)

if my fore fathers were not born as a nephesh or should i say of one.Then what were my fore fathers born as or should i say of in the aspects of life.and that rather then having a nephesh. a creation of god is a nephesh.if we are born as a nephesh then the aspects of life would be as anima a coffen of life in death  of an abonded funneral  as an arginment with our psyke (pysche).for the apple and the blaming of our woman as a sin against the law of the one beside us to induldge our chayyah out side our vortext.for then who is the holder of my rauh is is even still my my soul has an awareness of a specafied level for some one as a defence for my self to protect my shit the nephesh.this is we as men woman and mas as a life as a force born with a coffin and time to inherit life one must die untill we are forgiving.


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