The Neoteric Nessie

Nessie, for years, had been the best

That there ever was in Lake Loch Ness

People would come from miles round

Just to picture her, from the ground

On their film of camera or their phone

She was never at the lake alone

But if she existed in our prime

What would she do with all her time?


She may be seen as a benevolent thing

And up onto the dryer land she’ll bring

Her glamour and beauty, her looks, her wise

And into the air, she would bellow her cries

Of a mystical song, how she’d sing and sing

And a crowd, of course, is what she would bring

A reporter asks, ‘What inspires your refrain?’

And she would respond, ‘Whatever comes to my brain!’


Her music would be known all around the world

And her dancing, of course, her leaps and her twirls

She would really enjoy putting on every show

And present all her talent to her crowd below

But this wasn’t everything she had to present

For she was a beauty, on her mother’s descent

So an actress, she became, and a model as well

Her popularity grew, and her crowd under spell


But alas, as her fame and fortune would arise

And as sad as she would be if it met it’s demise

She couldn’t help the want of feeling water tap her skin

And she’d follow a different feeling from deep within

She’d retire from her singing, her dancing, her acting

She’d digress from her enchanting and oh-so-attracting

Career and return back to the lake which she belongs

Where there, and only there, you could still hear her songs



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