The Nemeton Night

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 09:59 -- Leaf

As the wind blowed
In the Nemeton grove
The Druids all gathered 'round.

As the fire danced
And the leader spoke chants,
No one else made a sounds.

'Gather ye Druids and watch as the
Fire doth glow and grow with glee
And bring all your offerings to the fire and see
Them lifted to Heaven, to the Horned One's seat.'

Now each one did follow
One after the other
And offered up barley and wheat.

They took up their drinks
And took a swig or three
Then offered the rest to the heat,

The Horned One's pleased
To see gifts from the trees
And the Earth, from all which are born.

He looked fair upon
The leader of men
Who sat in a crown of horns.

'Gather the Druids!'
Said the Horned God to me.
'And gather the drinking horns!'

'Gather all whom
Wish to follow the way
Of the Oak, and Ash, and Thorn!'

Since then I agreed
To bring Druids to grove
And to revel in His mighty name.

And once every year
We make offerings to Him
So the Druids may rise up again!




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