Neither Do I

Sat, 10/05/2013 - 00:02 -- a.lee1


Do you believe that a star

Would complain of its own beauty?

Of its solitude?

No, neither would I

How much less does the human

Have to mourn,

Our beauty is in the eye of

The Great Beholder

Our solitude is our own doing

Do you believe that the sea

Would claim to be too strong?

Of its vastness?

No, neither do I

How much less does the human

Have to bemoan,

Our strength is not our own

Our strength is God's

Our diversity is his design

Do you believe that an ancient oak

Would whine about its roots?

Of its reign?

How much less does the human

Have to pout,

Our roots go deep and are strong

They were crafted with care

Our reign is a gift

Do you believe that we still

Live in such a terrible state of mind?

No, neither do I


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