Negus Negasta (A black lives Matter inspired poem)

Thu, 09/24/2020 - 19:50 -- Herocks

Negus Negasta
(Written by "Rocks")

Negus negasta,
king of kings*
Carve the name in stone,
write it in ink*
As a matter of fact ,
type it in italic*
now niggas can read ,
we've broken the jynx *

What they wanted,
to deny our
freedom to think..*
For ourselves,
"how can a slave dream big"*
Keep em poor ,
shallow, never deep, ya dig!"
While their automobiles
feed on our oil rigs.*

And who are we?,
the third world....wot u think?*
We let a third party turn
to our critic*
From their two choices
we're conditioned to pick....*
In politics From
either bloods or crips* ain't just
the color of the skin*
Its a movement,
a race, one we
are bound to win *
Fuck the gladiator era,
we were bound to win*
Bound slaves then
had to fight to
death to be free

Tell the youths,
"Never get ever
ever getting fed
up of the pigs*
Asalam alekum
black males, the pen stinks*
Get paid without
bragging about
shots u licked*
Trap rap is a trap,
don't fall for the trick*

You'll fall for the clown
if you chose trick*
I chose treats in a
trick or treat...b*tch!!!!! *
Pick a side ,
not on the fence
ready to switch*
Black lives matter,
no questioning which.*

#black lives matter

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Our world


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