A Negro Woman's Point of View

Thu, 10/22/2015 - 21:39 -- eaysia

A black girl's hair is her crown,
Her light fluoresces even when she is down,
A black girl's hair is diverse,
But according to European standards it's the worst,

Words like "nappy" and "wild" used to explain it,
But I disagree and I'm here to proclaim it,
It's funny because people think women of color are the only ones who wear weaves,
Guess they never saw these white chicks...hmm...like Kylie,

When a black woman wears her hair it's a disgrace and then that means that she's a part of a disgusting race,
But let Sally and Jan do it and its okay,
We are not our hair and our hair is not us,
Our hair is our art and it helps define us,

Rather it be naturally curly or naturally nappy it won't matter,
We won't be feeling crappy,
Our hair defies gravity and brings out our beauty,
Oh yeah and since when was it a trend to have big lips or a big booty?

And when was it cool to get plastic surgery to alter your beauty?
Black women hold these amazing features,
No two are alike and apparently to the Europeans that's a scary sight,

And when a black woman is passionate,
That makes her an "angry black woman,"
But when a white woman is passionate,
She's just speaking her mind?

That's a lot of crap and you know that's true,
If Sara can speak her mind then why can't Tanisha do it too?
Or will she be found dead in her jail cell like Sandra Bland too?
Man look, I'm through. 
For once try to see things from my Negro woman point of view.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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