"Negro Newton"

Cam Newton, you piss me off
you're very existence makes my negro skin sizzle till it burns off, could never pick you to be a disgrace and sell yourself off. Slaves would frown upon you, pick at you slowly, being sure to watch out for the thorns. You were a black baby born to this Racist country, It's called America, the land of freedom. More like the land of free-whites. To be so blind and so untrue with yourself, To be so disrespectful to the very race that has built the Earth you live on, To be so silent! But you know what, silence is expected from us. Just doing what we're told. Listening to your master or else. Or what else? Slashes on our backs in 3s, Burns to our face like we're ashtrays, raped to keep a smile on our owner's face. Oh my god, Newton you are such a disgrace. To think that those scars and bruises still don't exist today when a cop is beating us for walking the wrong way. for being us, the black way! Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Korryn Gaines, Michael Brown Jr., Sadly The list goes on and on. and you just have enough. ENOUGH OF THE POLICE KILLING US. THEY DID NOT DIE A FAIR DEATH, Yet You claim and I quote "We're all the same color"  But Were we all the same color when the White police officers beat and murdered us? NO! Yet you sit there with a smirk of satisfaction. Not taking any actions or saying anything when  we are killed off in factions. And You say Race is only "1/8th" of our lives, yet we die, Newton you are a disgrace to my eyes, ears and nose. Colin Kaepernick I appreciate you the most, and you had guidance from Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and others like those. So I say to you Newton, this nation is colorful, opposed to our race, I want you to sit back and ask yourself am i fulfilling my role. RIP to my ancestors, sisters, and bros. Thank you for letting me speak on America, A nation exposed.


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My country
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