The Nefarious Assassin

Scientist define it as mutation of cells, a quiescent friend that lingers through your body and helps you but turns erroneous and will never tell. 
A city that has roughly 50 trillion citizens, small enough to never witness but that have a whole world beneath your skins. 
A organization that is commissioned to do a certain task, but when one cell disobeys chaos is often unmasked. 
Innocent little creatures that treat you as friends, that fight intruders, fight for survival, fight to grow, fight to cleanse. 
But as strong as they are,sometimes they are overthrown and taken over, just how in the olden days the strongest ships could be easily seized by the staunch sea rovers. 
Once a friend, an enemy, an enemy to the fragile anatomical frame, a stern flag the mutation puts on the cells to proclaim,to proclaim once again 'it' has a tenacious grip on the closest thing to loved ones, no matter who 'it' longs to devour may it be mothers, fathers, grandparents, daughters, or sons. 
'It' clings to the fact that 'it' can leave utter devastation, Leaving an individual with simply desperation. 
when it decides to arrive within, the nefarious assassin almost always wins. 


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