All I really need... To live.

Is a couple of books. And a sieve. 

One for the learning, the other for discerning,

what is right, what's not,

and understanding the human motive.

Teach me, works of literary

art, the power of a well-filled library.

Show me worlds nonexistent, nonconforming

To the laws of Nature. And apply the sieve,

to find where reality lays its boundary.

My mind's like a wand'ring vessel.

Thrown wayward by cultural tussle. 

A judge may say right, a general says left,

in the end the calmest eye of the storm

is the middle. What does that make me? Fickle.

The terribly diverse opinions that call

for their reckoning- Since not all are equal.

Dividing the wishful thinking from the untrue

and the right, I'll work through it all and live

With a couple of books, and a sieve.



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Our world
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