Nature Will Tell Your Story...Because You'll Let Her


United States

       Dear Christopher McCandless,

It seems like just yesterday you were here

With such a story to tell and lives to cheer up

But now you're gone, and nothing seems the same anymore

Before you left I asked you

I asked you why...


Why do you want to leave on such short notice 

Why do you think that isolation is the best way to go

You tell me that there's more than this

More than what this horrid world has to offer

And with that you say nothing more....


You're on your way to something much bigger than you

To a place where no man has ever succeeded

To a place called Mother Nature

And you plan to conquer...


You've taken your look

And now its hard to forget her

Who is she?

Her withe the beautiful face

Her with the beautiful body


With hair as soft as louds

And her skin the color amber 

Just like autumn wood

Her curves so exotic

Untouched by human's doings

And only the heavens know why

Call her Mother Nature...


She tempts you with her foreign beauty

And you do nothing

Knowing you can't resist

In her, you'll explore

And she won't stop you

Instead she'll welcome you

Her arms streatched out

Closing as you walk in

Wishing you knew better...


Her heart is unbarealy strong 

Beaming down on you in the dead of Summer

Listen to her soft streams

Smell her floral perfume

Savor her breath as it bristles through your hair

Thank her for giving you such a sight

and mean it in your heart...


Find refuge in her

And rest your aching soul

Her bosoms of the earth, soft and plush

Cradle you 

To configure your form

Her green lashes as big as fans 

Shield you from her quiet storms

You'll sleep peacefully...


She'll wake you with her heart again

Beaming like crystal gold

Blend inside her organic hair

And watch her creatures take their morning stroll

Bathe in her crystal lakes 

And hunt for the food she provides you 

Drink the driplets left on her eyes 

And bite her melons of honey dew

Savor her for as long as you can

For soon

She'll exist no more...


After you've recieved all that she could give you

What are you to do?

Only you can decide to stay or to go

Or she'll decide for you 

And though it's best for you to leave

You establish your permanent stay

And demand her oh so kindly

To accept you for as long as you want

She Won't refuse.....


She makes it seem as though you are snugg and safe

Safe from the barbaric man

Safe from chaos

And most of all

Safe from hurt

Till one day

She turns on you...


Her floods run cold for you

And hail begans to fall

She creis heavy tears

And puffs her chilly breath

Her creatures hide away from you

Her melons quiver and die

You curse to her heavens 

And demand to know why

Why has she done this?

Why has she betray you?

Why has she shown you a beautiful lie?...

Yet you forget

She's shown what was needed to you

To show you the mysteries

Of a forbidden life

And you chose to take her for granted...


Something you thought was so peaceful

Something you thought would

Stay one way forever

Has shown you 

That you thought wrong

But now you can't go back

To make things right 

Because she's decided

That is't best for you to stay

And you paid

With your careless life...


                             A friend you have yet to meet
























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