Nature of Truth

A shell,


I pull gears, yank levers,

A smile, a laugh.

I turn knobs, push buttons,

A step, a jump.


My day, spread thin.

Preparing, maintaining the shell.


Confidence, control, poise.



Wandering within myself,

Looking to find that piece.

A minute particle,

A sliver of a sliver of a sliver,

My soul.


And I wrap it,

Hold it tightly

Within the deep folds of myself.

Constantly protecting my soul with my Truth,

Sheltering it from the outside,

A world beautiful, yet cruel.


And my Truth

Riddled in fear and worry,

Guarded and reserved,

Is on show for the world.


My Truth:

I am human.

Keeping my Nature at bay

And away from my soul.


My Nature:

I am an animal.

Within the depths of my Truth it stirs,

Crushed by the necessities of the world,

The need for civility,

Ready to break its cage.


I hide within my shell,

Wrestling to keep the balance.



My Nature.

My Truth.

Keeping me alive.


But I ask:

Which is beauty?

Which is ugly?


And I hide this struggle from the world.


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