I'm just a girl
An African girl I am
Black gold. ....This is what my body is made of
Being prestigiously pure is what I stand for

The color of my well shaped body sums me up to be purely innocent and have the prestige every other person yearns for

And as NATURE's only sister
I bear in mind to be ambitious as a green tree is determined to look fresh and fertile for long to bring forth fruits and veggies

Authority. ..I have
Strength defines me as a black queen..mother of all other natural colors
I strive......

Harder each and every day. For this even the very own children I brought forth to...tease me for being so dark in skin color
Working and toiling to feed them
But little do they know that the true definition of beauty is BLACK

I am the Mysterious Black Girl.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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