The Nature of Human Beings

Perhaps human kind
Is the wisest
But I know for certain
That we are not the kindest
We are self absorbed
We are ignorant
We ridicule anyone 
Who dares to be different
We are cruel to the saddest
And make them hurt so deeply
That they think living with pain is too hard
But killing themself is easy
We poison the earth
And pretend that it's natural
Just so we have an excuse
To ignore what is factual
We torture and murder
We kill for recreation
And excel in destruction
Instead of creation
We discriminate against the poor
And anyone in need
We pretend we have good reason
But really it's greed
We make others seem evil
To satisfy our desire to seem righteous
When really the only thing we are doing
Is twisting the situation to our likeness
We will do anything
Just to get ahead
To become rich and famous
Even if our souls become dead
We would rather have war
Than peacefully resolve our disagreements
Because sacrificing lives is easy
But losing money is too inconvenient
The rich get richer
Making the rest want to give up
Can't anyone see
How that is corrupt?
We use our religion
To justify our sins
And murder and steal
And hope God forgives
What must happen
To put an end to this blindness?
To turn the human race away from evil
And toward the warmth of kindness
When will we all
Unite with one another
Stop the hate and fighting
Become sisters and brothers?
When the day comes
That our species is cured of this disease
When we value acceptance and giving
Instead of hatred and greed
We will finally have peace
We will finally join together
We will live life to its fullest
And love one another



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