Nature of Gloom

the way its raining, the way its falling
trees swaying, and branches dancing.
night falling, day at end,
the moonlights begin.
sunrise was a long time,
replase of its prime,
like pluto in the distance,
12 years, or so much far.
no longer waited, no longer want,
too much burden, less time to heal.
feelings of scarred, with grinning teeth,
head spinning, i'm dizzy here.
yeast in the bible, spreading awake.
no longer counting, stars in the air.
all to see, all to wanted,
come back to what i once depend.
i see a light, or else it is called,
without a meaning, only they want it told.
confusion it seems, why it is the sign,
for a joy it is, gloomy it can't.


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