Nature Calling

A soft sky above me floats

Wisps of cotton patterns blue

Up high the breeze cuts thin

Sounding out its sharpest notes


Tall in trees, I hear them sing

Raining feathers as the flew

Flying farther from the earth

I see their freedom beneath the wing


The dappled green around me sways

Strong and steady limbs protect

Here I am perched above the ground,

Peaceful hours turn to days


The warmth I feel in my bones

Sets alight a shiver of neglect

From the surrounding souls;

The natural life no one owns


My weary eyes can somehow see,

Connecting sprits where there are none

The flowers, the leaves, the butterflies;

Creating the world's filigree


Just a taste of the universe exposed

I imagine all existence begun

Unraveling stories and mysteries

Lovingly and uniquely composed


Beautiful wishes dance across my mind

I wonder how I missed the signs

Swirling, whirling they do not stray

I know to leave this world behind


I sink and fade back to the city

Leaving all the birds and vines

Reluctance drags through my heart

But knowing I can return, I feel no pity

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Our world
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