Nature- Borders

and Fauna
innocent and pure elements
of nature's dance
you have never known
nor observed,
borders or barriers
and for you,
fences are useless.
Though cattle and tumbleweeds
may be hindered and penned,
birds and butterflies
(like the migrating monarch)
even the crafty coyote
and seeds, climbing kudzu vines
- all find a way
to go where they must.
To live sin fronteras/without borders
as in times past
and to see with the eyes of the
- earth,
equal for everyone.
But now,
a keeping in and keeping out
and most of all, keeping apart
is the day's fare-
and this is contrary to Nature's flow
- to a world created without
- a world of Liberty and Justice
for all...

This poem is about: 
My country


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