Nature (Bleak, Heartbreak, Red)

My mother and I walked around outside before her death.

She smelled of industrial waste.

But I tell myself she smelled like flowers, anyways.


We walked through city, with much protest

as she saw grand urban unrest.

None the less, we walk on through, continuing without pursue.


We walked and talk and talked some more

to, maybe, out walk

the looming fear of no more.


and with each step

I talked of the next


I told her I'd plant a tree everyday she was sick.


"One day," I said,

"You and I will walk among the trees I planted.

We will hold hands and talk about life gone by ."


"We will speak of the wrongs and the rights,

how Holywood grows

and how not to cry."


"We will take a walk in this orchard I've grow.

I will tell you the name of each tree

and how they shared my emotion."


"This tree is named Relived,

For when the doctors told me

you would get better."


"This one is named Green

after the colors of spring

When everything is grown anew."


"And this is Overjoyed

I planted it yesterday

the sign of a full recovery."


We'd walk through the orchard

unveiling the secrets

of hundreds of trees.


We'd spend a life time and again

talking of silly things

because here we are and will forever be.


I stop as we end our walk.


Out of the city and into the town

of people and places

that are seen to profound.


Too focused by futures

I talked and talked the time by,

walking like oracles with futures of lies


I only panted three trees.



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