The light tickle of a shore breeze,

The blinding yet warm (like a Sour Patch Kid, first sour, then sweet) sun as a cloud parts,

the sweet-water taste of a coconut.

These are the things I cannot live without.


My dry, chapped lips after days of cold,

a sunburn I can touch and leave my imprint on,

the sick-to-my-stomach feeling after eating too much chocolate.

I cannot imagine a life without the bad to truly see the good. 


Leaves that grace my fingertips and later fall but come back next year,

Water that slushes in and out to kiss my toes,

a moon that greets me in different ways every few nights.

These are the things I need to feel alive.


What's the phrase?

I belong to Earth.

It's the earth I need. 




This poem is about: 
Our world


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