National Youth Leadership Training; Leadership Academy (NYLTLA)

I was livid.

Or at least

I thought I was.

Anger tastes hot

But this tasted like stone


A car ride to DC

Filled with sullen silence

And self righteous anger

Betrayal tastes bitter

But this tasted like ash


A sweltering open field

Filled with strangers

All expecting so much

Pleading tastes slippery

But this tasted like cotton


So many new faces

The only ones I knew fading away

I was abandoned for a week

Ash and stone left nothing

But cotton on my tongue


They were teaching

About how to lead

About how to be confident

Which tastes like honey

But I was tasting fear


Daily presentations

Left me weak at the knees

And my hands shaking

Public speaking tastes like fear

My mouth was full of stone, ash, and cotton


Then; a shout and a chase

When I return to the table

They’re all laughing

But I’m laughing with them

This tastes like dew-drop hope


More presentations, and I’m afraid

But this time I know I’m okay

No matter what happens

Stone, ash, and cotton

Makes copper victory taste sweeter


Days pass, and still I taste

Stone, ash, and cotton

But now I also taste victory

A sweet honey confidence

Bravery tastes like all of them


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