Narcissus and Echo

There’s a girl who loves to speak

She talks

She laughs

She goes on forever


There’s a girl who has no time

She’s mean

She steals

She makes fun of


Now the girl who loved to speak

Has nothing left to say

The girl with no time took her voice

And threw it all away


This girl is now sad and lonely

She puts her thoughts at bay

A boy comes along the path

Maybe he’ll give her the time of day


This boy is addicted to his feed

The likes

The comments

The attention


This girl gives in to this boy

She likes

She comments

She pays attention


This boy is the coolest in school

But he gives no time for anyone else

The only time he has is for himself


This girl has learned to just shut her mouth

Forever to shy to actually speak 

all she can do is just repeat


This girl wastes her time trying to get approval

Hoping one day people will think she was cooler


But sadly to say that’s just not the way

This is where the story goes a little astray


The mean girl is gone

But her impact is long

This girl is to shy

She is just starting to cry

This boy is so absorbed

No help he acts like a board

This girl shoots her shot

But she just gets blocked

This boy loves himself

More than anyone else

She tries and she tries

But all the boy does is lies

Soon enough

The girl just gives up

All she wanted was a simple What’sup


This poem is about: 
Our world


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