Naples - distinctly different

Romantic Naples is in a league of its own,
Italy's third largest municipality with the topper being Rome,
It's a vibrant city of glorious, yet tattered beauty,
You just need to soak in it's inimitable Italian authenticity


Trattorias and pizzerias are in just about every street,
As people flock these eateries to enjoy a glorious treat,
Jostling through the narrow streets on weekends is such fun and pleasure,
Listening to the incessant staccato Italian chatter is joy in no small measure


Naples Central Station is a continuous beehive of activity,
With thronging commuters traveling regional and inter-city,
The seamless system of ticketing and travel is truly noteworthy,
An apt example of bang-for-the buck, makes the experience travel-worthy


The flip side of Naples is that it is a tad dirty,
Street walls and trains are covered with scrawled graffiti,
Garbage bins overflow with trash and rubbish is strewn in square middles,
That there is a shortage of funds is an obvious solved riddle


Naples can truly boast of being home to the world's best pizzas,
People wait in line for hours at the legendary Sorbillo pizzeria,
Whose woodfire ovens baked pizzas have an exquisite taste of their own,
The culinary experience lingers long after you reach home


The softer side to gritty Naples can be found in it's famed gelato,
Gelatarias abound, offering a riot of flavours to savor on the go,
Gelato is the Italian version of the world's popular ice cream,
It's lower fat, slower churn and richer texture make it such a scream


Mobikes and cars swerve through the narrow cobblestone alleys,
Riders and drivers skilfully maneuver the crowds with great savvy,
Tourists cannot but admire the spirit of open camaraderie,
That is so obviously on display for all to see


Conversing in English with the locals is an arduous affair,
Their responses in Italian are generally with considerable flair,
You try a mix of words and gesticulations to get across your query,
The smiling, satisfactory response in most cases is with a dash of "get going and be merry"


Naples is dubbed as the undisputed capital city of espresso,
Not to be left behind is Italy's famous ever loved cappuccino,
Hordes of cafes can be found in virtually every block,
As tourists like the locals, help themselves to the piping hot stock


As with other languages, Italian greetings can tend to be confusing,
Salve and Ciao can be used for Hello, once you have a better understanding,
There is flexibility in word usage if you realize the context,
Freely using Ciao for Hello and Goodbye though requires little pretext

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