IPA’s and a stolen gaze make me drunk and insecure

Never forget, I told you from the onset

that we were meant for more than this


I promised you, I would take you

to every place that you belonged.


Regardless of my thoughts of love,

had this gnawing  grin when you were wrong


‘Till now Ive been

Loaded up and faceless

this pain has become blameless

Forget me I’m nameless.


Forever ruining chances

in places I once may have belonged 


Never without a drawn out stake

in endeavors through the Devil’s Gate.


i hated the chance, that I would be last

But it came to fruition as

It became a prank, to claim my place

in this perpetual nightmare state.


I am

Loaded up and faceless

I’ve become faceless

Forget me I’m nameless


Kitchen prep, maybe divine select 

-tions make me more aware

That the human race and our mistakes

make us all less prepared.


the random face of the welfare state

bureaucrats, rich fat cats wait.


Move backwards through the living room

….Then rest in the armoire.


I am

Loaded up and faceless

I’ve become faceless

Forget me I’m nameless


Don’t worry anymore, at least 

theres nothing left to regret

Our families are on their knees

 begging for us to sincerely repent


for the brashest sins, ill never amend

Remain nameless all the while

Pretending to be a man 

But forever a broken a child


I am 

Loaded up and faceless

Forget me I’m nameless 

I’ve embraced my strangeness..


Loaded up and faithless,

Forget me I’m nameless.

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Our world
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