In the name of tolerance

Who decided that we the Church
HAve been SO oppressive
So bigoted,
So wrong
That now, we are always wrong?

Who decided that the Bride
Was so bad, so wild
So broken
That we aren't worth hearing?

Who decided we spent so long
Not listening to others
That we no longer get a say?

Who judges that judge who judged wrong?

If a Catholic midwife
REfuses to assist an abortion
Why to "pro-choice" people call her intolerant?
If they are so pro-"choice"
Shouldn't her voice matter?

If a YMCA decides
That a transgendered man
Walking naked in the GIRLS shower room
Where girls as young as six can see
Is wrong,
Who in the state can call them intolerant?
Shouldn't justice be done for the children?
Shouldn't their eyes be protected a little longer?

If parents decide, they don't like
Their children being taught
About same sex couples
Who in the school board decides
That these parents don't have a right
In their own childs schooling?

Are we bigots
Are we haters
Are we fanatics
If we choose to teach our children
Than the way you teach yours?
If we tried to tell you you were wrong
Dear God watch bullets fly!
But you can claim we are intolerant
If we try to do what we know to be right!

You want the love to spread,
You want understanding to be known
But all you want is YOUR side of the story
To push Christ out of school
Out of home

If you can tell a child
Its alright to have two moms,
Two dads
Why can't you tell the same child
That God exists, and is real.

Why is YOUR voice the only one worth hearing
Why is what YOU say more important?
Why in the name of tolerance
Are you not tolerating US?


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