Naked Silhouettes

Leaving lather on the floor is the best way to leave the shower tonight. Water beads, down the drain, but her hands glide. She speaks few words, and quivers her lip, so heavily in this night. I love your skin, you simple fool. You're my desolate age crafted from skies. You're my life that's found beyond a flame that I wish could die. The room, it melts, consuming water, and all its rights.

Not a whimper, or simple sound for nothing echoes from these lungs. A tender heart; screaming, blushing and rushing now. Her aura pulsates, keeping me intact on wishful sight. That flipping tables, will help me escape forever with righteous might. But allure! So tempting, she screams a delicate plight. A life worth living, a life simply seen before my eyes. Scarlet ideas trump deep blue secrets any day, any night. Put out your flames and brush right after, now you see a delicate flight.

Draining her hands, before the deed, she has begun this night. Fingertips like silk, her hands they glide, right before my eyes. They soar, like a dove, flying high above, eclipsed by a morning sun. Causing life to flash, and her lips, they clash, like a night drenched in rum. There was no cold, so the heat kept flowing, forever burning this loaded gun. Fumbling now, my feet they're simply weary, ever slightly hanging on the edge. My mind gluing, my eyes pursuing, this damsel I do pledge. Ever do we join, these hands among, and hold, and ever entwine. For this bond, this delicate truce, might just stand the test of time. The desecration , oh the thought, of my holy sanctioned home, no longer virginal, oh now typical, this trial we do roam. Eyes piercing hollow words were my old silhouettes stay, room screams murder, leaving everything else at bay. Then it melts, together fusing, into vivid slush. It's not long, till I breathe life, but for now my heart bleeds its rush.

Princess, oh I must say. My arms, are not weary, and I wish to hold you today. Why must we pass a day like this, a day so simply bliss. So lets head to bed, as this hour, is a time we cannot miss. The time is noon, and the alarms they strike, forever shrieking down the halls; but, it is you, and all your vows, that I wish could never pause.

Silhouettes come once a day, so hurry and forget the past. If you want lust filled veins, just let the anxiety pass. I know its hard for you at times, because rape is on your mind, but let these halls, these naked halls and roughed up doors, open slightly tonight. A time like this, is fiery red, so keep your hands in clamps. Don't let your vicious past, stop you, from someone who loves you best.

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