Sat, 12/03/2016 - 13:43 -- mini49

" You think you've seen her naked because she took her clothes off for you?

You've kissed her and had sex with her and you think that's enough to know and love her?

Tell me about her nightmares,

How she twitches and cries while you snore on, oiblivious.

Tell me about her writing, her poems,

How depressing they are and how it reminds her of herself.

Tell me why she takes long showers,

How it's the only place she can cry in peace.

Tell me about the first man who broke her heart,

How he used her and now wants nothing to do with her.

Tell me about her demons,

How they eat at her and tell her she's worthless.

Tell me why she looks down when you say you love her,

How she remembers all the times her last lover said he loved her and lied.

Tell me about her darkness and I'll tell you about her light.

Tell me about her flaws and I'll tell you about her blessings.

Tell me how weak she is and I'll tell you how strong she is.

No, my friend, You've seen her body,

But you haven't seen her naked.''


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