Myths, Conspiracies, Legends of Modern World

Myths never die but change

Conspiracies change but die off quickly

Legends live on until society deems them unworthy and changes their history

Thor the God of Thunder and Lightning was a fearful God of Norse mythology

until Marvel movies made him change into a flawed hero. 

Aries the God of War yet another feared God because of the destrction He can cause. 

Yet again modern men made him a flawed villian in Wonder Woman,

who not only failed but died because of His failure. 

Kim Kardashian, a modern day "hero" for some people yet she was not feared,

did not gain the attention of the public through thunder, lightning or war

Yet people still see her as a hero. 

Myths, Legends and Conspiracies were made to either strike fear in the faces of the disobiediant 

Modern day men see what they want to see. 

Athena was beautiful but she was also a fighter and did not like having people tell her what to do.

Thor and Aries were feared Gods but know we gush over them because either they saved the day or died as a failure. 

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