The Myth of Life

The misconceived perception that everyone travels in the same direction

The unreliable source that life is full of projection

The not so teachable lesson that the world is a place of rejection

The illness that has yet to be diagnosed, vulnerability is a part of a collection

A multitude of a lifelong curse, a tragedy that we all fall on when we’re hurt

A sword in which we hold onto in belief that we are strong

But when that vulnerability hits, that’s when we can tell we’ve done it wrong

The look of betrayal in the other one’s eyes

The face of disgust that we can see when we’ve cried

The tear stains are proof that we no longer belong in the cool club, we now associate with the weak

Vulnerability is just a heat of the moment kind of thing, an impulsive move, the opposite of an impeccable speech

Vulnerability is a weakness

Myth. Myth. Myth. 

Vulnerability is a strength, a strength some don’t have

To cry in front of others is bravery 101

To share the pain you’ve once experienced is not an easy act to overcome

The possibility of being judged, hurt or ashamed and still going into war ready to be scathed is heroic

The people who stick up for those who can’t stick up for themselves

The ones struggling, scared to get help 

The sick, yearning to be healed

The happy, praying for others to feel what they feel

Vulnerability is not a weakness, it is not some kind of shameful fact

Someone who has the audacity to say that, should take a step back

It is a myth, an untrue fact

Being vulnerability is a prestigious, honorable act

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