The Myth of America

It is known as
The land of the great.
But as days go by
It brims with more and more hate.

We pride ourselves
On equality for all.

Living by the manta:

United we stand,

Divided we fall.

But in this land of the free,

Too many bodies lie dead in the street.
Families are torn apart,
Too shattered by grief.
Broken bodies and broken dreams.

It is 2017.
By now acceptance should reign supreme.
So many citizens are discriminated against.
Drowning in this cesspool of

People from other countries,
Look on from afar.

Wishing to be standing, right where we are.
They have this notion that our social climate is friendly.

They have no idea we’re own biggest enemies.

Known as the land of the free.

To those who live here

Tell me
Is that what you truly believe?


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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