Mysterious Creatures

Thu, 04/24/2014 - 11:34 -- tokii


A gigantic orb made of land, water, and sky

is relatively minute, hanging

in the black, sparkling expanses of the sky

Teeming with exotic and complex creatures,

intelligent inhabitants who innovate and create-

wonderment of the essence of life is one of their features

 Fascination with the wonderful and the wild:

The bubbling thrill at the sound of a baby's giggle

The mischeivious gleam in the eyes of a child

The unquenchable, passionate flame of young love

The torment and grief of love denied

The duty and sacrifice in warfare and battle, composed of

the common courage of standing up for beliefs

The erratic nature of humans young and old

Their persuit of justice, chaos, hate, and love

is wonderment to all who behold

the creatures who dwell in this large, earthen home

The blue and green orb floating

in dark nothingness

is a mystery that's bewildering






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