Myself & I: Imperfection

You're stubborn.
No, I'm determined.
You're cynical.
No, I'm cautious
You're a sore loser.
No I'm competitive.
I can go all day with this
So can I.
You're what I dislike in people
You're a creative snowflake
A procrastinator who spends all day alone and playing your games when you should be outside or at work.
You must've confused me with someone else, I'm a shining star.
Someone who plans to the very last moment to execute their plan, an introvert too I find my friends online and I socialize with them as I work on my laptop.
You're too soft, you couldnt hurt a fly
No, I'm just nice, why would you hurt an innocent fly?
You don't know when to quit
No, I'm just tenacious.
You can't stop arguing
No, I just really love debating.
You're such an imperfect person
Actually I'm quite flawless.
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