Myself in Actuality


Myself in actuality is not what people see.

I'm no pretty face walking down the street,

I'm no dainty damsel you care to meet.

I am a woman dressed in courage, living in the moment.


Myself in actuality is an artist,

Snapping pictures of the trees,

Refrencing them to have deeper meanings.

I am a photographer, wandering alone.


Myself in actuality is a teenager,

With acne and scars to prove,

With a story and a lot to lose.

I am a girl with a past, a present, and a future.


Myself in actuality is a daughter of the King.

Royal and sanctified,

Blessed and crucified,

Because that was the death I deserved to die.


Myself in actuality is a guarded teenager.

A past of turmoil and abuse,

A life so secret and short-lived youth.

I am a survivor.

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