Would it be hard?
Would it be hard to accept who you are?
Would it be hard to realize that you have a natural, big curvaceous body?
Would it be hard to realize that your body features are considered ugly, unprofessional and ratchet until they are put on the bodies of a Kardashian who are considered " Hotties" in this society?
Would it be hard to see that on TV they consider you ugly because you have big lips?
What they really don't tell you is that behind closed doors, they secretly envy you and go to doctors to get those big lips and curvaceous hips?
Would it be hard to realize that Black people aren't given a positive representation on TV?
Would it be hard to hear that white people have actually thought that way of you and me?
Now, as a black woman I have the power, I have the power to say what is on my mind.
We shouldn't be hating on each other and leaving each other behind!
Black is the thing to be in this society.
Will you join me?

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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