My Writing Clock


United States
34° 18' 21.1176" N, 85° 15' 5.5728" W

(poems go here) Again I write to get these thoughts
Out of the clutter of my brain
But, as the pen moves across paper, or skin,
I find they cannot contain

The mechanism inside my head
Turns faster with a loud tick tock
And with the wheels, my pen moves
To the beat of my writing clock.

You ask me why I write this
Of all the poems I could write,
Of long lost love, or a prairie field,
Or a mischievous singing sprite.

I tell you it’s not for the glory,
Or for the analyst to mock
But, just to see my pen move
To the beat of my writing clock.



Nice rhythmn, works well with the theme. Excellent poem.

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