My World!


As I write this

I am sitting in my world...

It is where I always like to be

When thoughts are flowing

This place makes me aware that I am finite

It is here that troubles diminish for me.

As I watch the lilies scenting

And the butterflies perching for nectar

Yes, the birds snatching bits of air

Beneath their wings,

Pushing themselves higher and then

Riding on the momentum…

I thought of how many people have sat

Where I now sit,

How many have seen what I now see

How many of them were dead but I’m alive….

It’s my turn to know what they know

This mighty world teaches much

Many songs have been written here

Many lives have been lost in here

It’s a place of battle and celebration

It’s a domain of crises and conquest

It’s times and tides aren’t afraid of intimidation

They just flow and roll….

My heart is almost bursting over

My love for you is so overwhelming

How did you get into my world?

Welcome all the same into my love world

Here we’ll build our lives together

Living is of different types

Together we’ll learn to grasp some things

While letting others go

This is the only way to be alive in a

World such as this…

Copyright, Agu Jaachynma N.E.



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