My Words Bleed For You

Words cant describe how much i miss you

The times we spent the holidays together

from the beatings and the whoopins we got when we were little youngins

getting in trouble from the fighting, the bribing, the hiding, the lying

you getting in trouble with the kids who will hurt me

cause you would hurt them

knowing that was a role for a big brother

knowing that you would be standing by my side through the thick and thin

not carrying what the consequences would be on your behind

you only cared about me and only me

knowing i would bribe mommy and daddy of the little things for you

then forgetting what i would have to say

and then you would be hiding your love for me as soon as  you step outside those doors

me following your rules as a little sister should do

i would follow

but you never knew what L.O.V.E meant

the anger you would show

the hatred you would show

the hurt in your eyes that you would  portrayed on your soul

but knowing that i still love you

even till the day you walked outside those doors forever

the last hug that we cherish

the last laugh that we shared

and then we never spoke again

i regret not listening to my soul

that little jiminy cricket in my head telling me to write a letter, note, or a post

but my heart is as tough as leather

not tearing me down

but hearing the news that a lil sister should never hear

my heart weeps for you like a river

so me on earth telling you

i will always miss you and love you

i dream that one day you and i will meet again.

that i will get to see your smile, hold your hand

feel your warm embrace

in that place where angels spend carefree hours

watching down on me like a hawk who soars through the sky

knowing that all the way up there you still got my back

so while I’m sittin here on earth

everyday i push forward with my life and not look back

i learn not to regret everyday

not like those little teeny boppers that say YOLO

unless YOLO represents being a woman

then yes

strength, determination, desire, and love defines me as a woman today

never stop talking to the one you love the most

love the people close to you

love the ones who makes an impact on your life

love your family

cause you will never know when they will be gone from your life

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