My Wish

I rubbed a lamp and a gene appeared.

I said, "Wishes?" He said, "Three."

I told him three wishes would be great,

But one is all I need.


I wish I was invisible

I'd walk among the stars,

Listen to their whispered words,

Find out what's on their hearts.


I'd tread softly and wouldn't get too near

for the light could hurt my eyes,

But I'd get close enough to a group of them

To separate truths from lies.


And they wouldn't even know I was there

So their spectrums would never change

And I could find out which ones saw me

And which ones didn't even know my name.


Then I'd zero in on the brightest star;

The one I'd look for in the sky,

The one I thought had fallen for me

Until I saw it last night.


I'd see if it looked for me every night

The way I stil look for it

Because deep down I'm really hoping

I'm not alone in this.


The gene just stared at me

Nodding at all of this.

Finally he said, "Is that all?"  And I said,

"That's my only wish."



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