My Will To Live



I am of the utmost importance

Without me

There is no me

There is no swirling cotton candy colored galaxies

No childrens laugh on the playground

No 15-year-old girl sitting in a geography class

Writing an essay with shaky fingers and her hood up

I tell myself

That I withhold these beautiful things

If I die the entire universe

Gets sucked into its own black hole


To darkness

A mind that is capable of wonderful and sinister things

Hands that are capable of shaking continuously for hours

Something I couldn't live without


My Self

A 15 year old girl that is going to go somewhere in life

A 15 year old girl with ink flooded papers

And an ink flooded head

Despite all the darkness in my head

I couldn’t live without my self

Whether Insanity has captured me tight within its grasp

Or not

Whether it’s depression and I think i’ve lost all hope

I know that everything heals with time

And I tell my brain that I am me

And that's the best thing I can be

I don’t need any iPhone or soul mate

To control my life

I tip my hat

To people like me

That put themselves first

To people like me

Who are typing an essay

With shaky hands

And ink stained fingers

Searching far and wide for something to grab to

In their ink flooded mind


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