My whole soul

If I am to be stranded on an island surrounded by the sea, one thing I wish to bring is a picture of my whole soul.

My whole soul's name is Moxie, now that may be, she isn't what it may seem. Moxie is my dog, not biogically part of me. To be exact, I don't truly know what that may mean. I wish not to truly bring her, for it may cause her pain but a picture of my whole soul is what I may gain.

Her eyes as light as can be, brown as the earth underneath my feet. Her short stature is what I believe to be one of the cutest parts you see.

Her fur is short but soft and easily gone through, her attitude can bring forth all of the worlds heart. A picture of my whole soul is what I would like to bring, without that, what can this world be?

Others may bring their mom or their stuff but a picture of Moxie is all I can think of. It's quite cute when she gets on my lap, looking at me, her bright eyes are kind like her heart. I may tell her get off, get off but in my mind I only can say. Stay by my side.

Now you can see why I would bring a picture of my whole soul, being Moxie.

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