My Warrior (A Free Verse)

I once was lost, both of mind and body,

An empty vessel of skin aimlessly venturing.

I found no desire to be needed, to be wanted, to truly live,

That was, until I met you.


You were the stereotypical "Bad Boy" of town,

Addicted to psychedelics, the thrill of the unreal.

You acted so foolish, so careless,

But you were looking to  numb the same emptiness.


There was something about you that I couldn't resist,

Maybe it was that you seemed so unattainable, a challenge.

It just made sense, you and I being so different yet alike.

You filled my emotionless void, as I did yours.


Two years have now passed, and it just makes sense,

We healed eachothers wounds, we were eachothers fix.

You stopped the drugs, and I stopped the scars,

Now instead of hiding from the pains,

We confide in eachother.


We move around our home in harmony, being united as one,

And although our life together isn't perfect, it's pretty close.

We don't argue, we listen to eachothers struggles, try to understand.

We work past our differences, moving on to our brighter future.


We have a daughter now, only a few months old,

Working together to provide a life for her that's no less than great.

You're in the service, a Marine, a warrior,

Our daughters' own personal hero.


We built eachother up from our flaws,

We have created brighter futures, together,

Braving through one anothers storms,

to finally find eachothers rainbows.


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